Oohhs & Aahhs’

Written by Naome Seifu

This place by far is the best soul food restaurant I have ever came across in the DMV area. It’s called Oohh’s & Aahh’s.

Located in Washington DC right off U Street and its second location on Georgia Avenue, Oohh’s & Aahh’s gives your soul a quench that it so deserves.

There is almost always a line outside because let’s be honest people – the food is incredible, and everyone wants a taste. There is an upstairs that is very small, but you can go up and be seated. There you will be served and can eat. If it’s super busy, I usually just get my food to go and wait in line.

Either way, you better get your food and be blessed! 

When I order there, I almost always get the fried catfish, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and on occasion I’ll add-on a piece of cornbread.

You really can’t go wrong with anything that you order at Oohs & Aahh’s. 

Pictured above are the incredible yams and macaroni and cheese side dishes. For my meat selection, I got lemon pepper wings and fried catfish. This is what you call the dinner special which ranges around $25.00. One person cannot finish this on their own so splitting this with someone makes the cost reasonable and the satisfaction perfect.

Now these collard greens – they are out of this world. 

Especially if you add hot sauce to them. Oh, my goodness. These collard greens are incredible. I naturally love greens to begin with. We have a popular Ethiopian dish that is made with greens. This just makes me loves greens even more.

These lemon pepper wings insanely make my mouth water. I honestly haven’t figured out how they create the sauce for these wings, but I’ve seen once where they shake the wings in what I think is a lemon sauce. The taste is of lemon and pepper but also a bit of a sweetness is added to it as well. I can go on and on but right now I’m drooling and need to figure out how I’m getting there in the next hour.

Go visit Oohhs & Aahhs. You won’t be disappointed. 

Make sure you take a visit to Oohhs & Aahhs in Washington D.C. I give this place 5 stars! Make sure you go with patience and an empty stomach with someone to share your meal with. 

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