First Love Skin

Written by Sara Abebe

Love the skin You’re In

Growing up I always had clear skin. I didn’t need much of a routine to maintain it; only thing I learned from my mom was to wash with bar soap and slather my face with Vaseline. Most of the time I used some drugstore brand that did nothing but dry out my skin then hydrate it with body lotion (I get better I promise). It wasn’t until I started wearing heavy makeup that things turned for the worst.

When I got into college, I started experimenting with makeup.

Previous to this, I would only wear eye liner and mascara, so foundation was a foreign concept to me. As I practiced more and more, I began to wear a full face of makeup daily – I literally never left the house without my vampire purple lipstick on.

Makeup became my mask.

For something that was meant to highlight and enhance your beauty, I used it to cover up who I was and the insecurities I had. The first thing I would do when I woke up was put on makeup, my bare skin never saw the light of day.

I went on a trip to Ethiopia for the first time in the summer of 2016, and even in the motherland I wouldn’t have been caught without a full face on. It was getting to a point where my skin was being affected; I had scarring on my forehead and texture all along my cheeks. It wasn’t until the end of my trip when someone stole my purse full of Mac lipsticks, where I was forced to wear my natural shade of lip, which probably hasn’t happened in years at that point.

Coming back from that trip I wanted to make a change. I hated that I relied on this mask of makeup daily and I wanted to be happy without it.

So, the research began; the skin care tutorials on Youtube became a series I binged. I went through trails of different products and i even gave up on wearing foundation completely.

Now this was no easy transition for me. I stayed at home a lot and became very introverted- maybe it was due to the change and transition. But once I started seeing progress because of my consistency, I started gaining my confidence once again.

During my skin care journey, I also started to become confident in my shade; when I was younger, my chocolate skin was something that I hated about myself. 

As much as skin care seemed like it impacted a small part of my life, it really made me pay attention to areas that I probably wasn’t giving much attention to. Health and nutrition became something that I started making better changes in because of what I learned on how it affected my skin. Physically, mentally, emotionally I started making those positive changes.

Self-love is something I wish was instilled in me very young. I would tell my younger me that my skin was beautiful, that being a little chubby was okay, and to always put myself first.

I did eventually find it and my journey started when I began taking care of my skin. As silly as it may sound, it took me having to take care of me to start loving me.

When First Love Skin was imagined, I wanted it to be a reminder of self-care and self-love. 

To have products that were effective and essential to everyday skin care needs and provide to areas that are often problems for people. As I grew through my own skin care journey, I began to learn the importance of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C and that you shouldn’t put body lotion on your face. Everything that I learned (and I’m still always learning) brought me to wanting to create a skin care line to allow others to share the same journey that I had.

My hopes are to inspire others – of course inspire them to take care of themselves and to learn the importance of skin care.

Above all, I want the biggest takeaway of First Love Skin to be about loving on yourself. 

Taking a moment out of your day for you before you take on the rest of the world.

for all your skin care needs head over to first love skin. Support Black Businesses and get yourself some self care items from sara herself. follow Her on instagram.

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