Noahamin Taye

Written by Noahamin Taye

Noahamin Taye, a wanderlust, a creative, a woman who always challenges herself to pursue genuine love even through fear are some of the ways you can describe Noahamin Taye. No matter where she is, Noahamin stays true to her roots as a woman of faith, coming from a background as an Ethiopian-Eritrean American raised in the suburbs of metro-Atlanta. At this point of time, she’s a 24-year old art director currently based in Los Angeles, and also the founder of the IG blog: @brokebutmakeitbougie.


I honestly believe it’s been my intimate relationship with art that’s supported me to where I am now.

Discovering my love and skill for art early on shaped a lot of my perspective. Especially when it came to adapting in different social environments, art has always been a way that I communicated and sustained/created confidence. I remember transitioning from private to public school, and bringing my sketchbooks to class as a way for people to start conversation or find some interest in me. It’s always been a way to get people to see me, and never failed me.

It was following my passions that’s gotten me to where I am now.

That process is never easy  because there’s a mix of doubt either within yourself or around you, and sometimes people who just flat out disagree. For me, there were a lot of people around me who were making practical decisions and compromising their dreams, and that never sat right with me. If it wasn’t for my mom’s faith and encouragement that this was “between me and God, I just need to trust in Him.” I don’t know where I would be.

My dreams and passions have always been so personal from then on.

Going to school out-of-state to Syracuse University, studying abroad and interning in Florence, Italy, and then getting to intern and live in NYC. I feel like for some people these things might sound expected based on the performance of work I put out, but honestly it was all faith. God met me where I was at, and simply provided.

As a first-generation student who didn’t come from wealth, I can’t tell you how many times I felt “not enough”. During my most challenging moments in school is when I started to lean on God more.

One of the prayers that changed my life was asking God to help me do my best, and that He’d simply fill in the rest. 

It was getting through school that gave my faith proof that it worked. So when it came to making decisions based off of my passions, that was easy for me. I decided LA was for me through a lot reflection, prayer and journaling. I moved out here to pursue my creative ventures in hopes of being an art director. It was literally by God’s grace everything worked out [because when I tell you the constant transitions that were happening… sis]. I started off sleeping on my aunt’s couch for like a month, working in retail, to then finally interning at an advertising agency which later hired me full time as an art director. 

About to reach year two in LA, and although life has been looking very “uncertain” in 2020. Mind you, I also recently got laid off. It’s been sort of a blessing, a redirection and push for my creativity and also an end to being passive.

2020 is really giving me the time to be still, to align myself even more with my passions, and to really fight for the things i believe in . 

I’m excited for what’s to come, and the change we are going to see. In everything,  I’m putting my faith and trust that God’s next move for all of us is bigger and better than we could have imagined. 

Claiming that part. 

Follow Noahamin’s project @brokebutmakeitbougie
and her personal page @noahamin

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