Actively Be a Better You

Written by Abigail Woldeamlak 


My name is Abigail Woldeamlak, but most know me as Abby. I was born and raised in San Jose, California.

My story began when I was a senior in high school, in the middle of basketball season.

We had recently got a new coach and he did not have any confidence in me whatsoever which led to a lack of confidence in myself. I would dread going to practice, but quitting was not an option for me, so I kept going. This along with other factors in my life took a toll on my mental health; I became depressed and anxious.

In the midst of this, a friend of mine would take me to the gym. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I continued going even after basketball season ended because I wanted to stay fit. My trips to the gym went from a simple way of staying active to a method of mental and physical healing.

The gym became my safe space. I wish I could say that it has been perfect ever since, but it would not be a journey if it were. 

I still struggle. I still get frustrated. However, when I do find myself in a funk, I always remind myself why I began in the first place. Consistency and discipline are the two things that got me this far and that especially helped me as a college student.

Along with consistency and discipline, I learned about the importance of nutrition.

Working out is only 30% of the battle, 70% is in the Kitchen!

When I prioritized consuming healthy, whole foods and enough protein, I saw a significant difference in my body and my skin. I had a lot more energy, so I was able to exert a lot of it into my workouts. I did not know how important protein was because I always associated protein with bodybuilders, so I was scared to consume a lot.

However, I found out that our bodies need protein, not only for muscle growth, but to repair tissue, for hormone regulation, and it’s necessary for digestion.

It is especially necessary when you are working out because you are essentially breaking your muscles down, and they need to be repaired! In addition to diet, rest is extremely important. Your body needs rest! I used to workout intensively for seven days a week and overwork my muscles because I would feel guilty for missing a day. However, this caused my muscles to fatigue and my body would feel weak. When I would take a rest day or two, I allowed for my muscles to recover, and every time I saw improvement in my strength and my physique.

When I first became a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. I knew I wanted to help others with their personal fitness journeys, but I did not know how. However, I did not want to work at a local gym, because I did not want to be limited on who I could and could not train.

I started by just posting my workouts on my instagram, and I would receive positive feedback on how people really enjoy what i post and how much it helped them. 

After a couple months of searching for what I wanted, I finally launched A.B.B.Y. Fitness! A.B.B.Y. Fitness is not only here to help others achieve their goals, but helping others become healthy individuals. With that I created an eBook which includes six bodyweight workouts that I include in my weekly regimen for only ONE dollar.

To purchase it you can email me at or direct message me on Instagram! I am so excited to help others actively become a better them! Living a healthy lifestyle is more than physical health, but it includes your mental and spiritual health as well. Finding a healthy balance is vital to living a healthy life!

here are some of my favorite workouts:


I love high intensity interval training (HIIT) as a form of cardio better than steady state cardio. One reason being that you are burning more calories in a short amount of time because you’re exerting all of your energy in that time period. Another reason is that even after you’re finished you are still burning calories because your metabolic rate is higher! I add a HIIT circuit at the end of my upper body days or when I am training core!


I used to fear working out my upper body because I did not want to look manly. However, building upper body strength is what gives you that “toned” look! Resistance band workouts are definitely a favorite of mine! Even if I am not lifting as much, I am performing each workout with a higher amount of reps to increase the intensity! Recently I have been doing as many reps as I can in a certain amount of time and it has been a game changer!


Full body workouts are definitely a favorite of mine when I am not training as much, when I have taken a couple days off and I need to get back on track, or when I feel like working my entire body! I try to incorporate full body workouts in my to increase my total body strength and this workout definitely challenged my body and worked every single muscle!


Glute days are one of my favorites because it is the key to getting thick! Not only did consistently training my glutes shape my butt, but it strengthened my core and lower back as well! These workouts target every part of your booty and I definitely incorporate these weekly!

for all of abby’s go to workouts visit her on abby fitness

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