Self Love

Written by Hannah Kassahun 

There’s this enemy that’s after us women.
The Saul to our David.
She’s lurking in the shadows of many hearts and whispers lies of her own agenda.

Her name is Envy.

She is green with evil intentions.
She doesn’t want God’s daughters to be unified.
She whispers lies of inadequacy and comparison.
She sneaks in to trade the lenses of compassion for judgement so that when we see a sister win, we pick apart her character or even worse our own.
She highlights our lack so that we compare ourselves to the achievements and character of others.

She tells you you’ll never be as good as her. 

She tells you she is better than you.
This envy, I’ve divorced her long ago and she’s been after me ever since.
She has been seeking revenge against me for exposing her.
She’s been secretly setting sisters against me,
So that when they see me, her lies tell them they don’t have what I have.
Her lies create a barrier.
Her lies keep them down.
Her lies unintentionally sow ill will in their heart for me.
Do they not know though that it’s not me she envies?
Do they not know it’s His spirit in me she sees?

Envy, your lies know no bound. 

I wish my sisters knew they had access to the same Spirit at work in me.
Envy tells you it’s me. Envy tells you, I’m so much more *this* than you and I have more of *that* than you but she only shows you half the picture.
Envy shows you the surface, not the Spirit.
What she doesn’t show you is that nothing I have is from myself. I have nothing to boast in.
It isn’t me she’s actually making you jealous of; it’s His work in me.

You see: Jesus makes me beautiful. 

Jesus makes me shine.
Jesus makes me bold and fearless.
Jesus makes me strong.
Jesus gives me favor.
Jesus gives me a voice.

I had none of these things on my own.

If only you knew that you had the same access.
If only you knew you could shine even brighter, sis.
I wish I could show you the jewels He’s planted in you too.
I wish I could show you the beauty in yourself, that envy has been turning your eyes away from.
This envy wants you to focus so much on the beauty in the sisters around you that you never find the beauty in your own garden. So that you never water the seeds planted in you.
She knows that if she keeps your eyes off of God and onto the women around you, you’ll never become all that you admire in the women you see.
My beloved sisters, I want you to know, you were fearfully and wonderfully made by a God that makes no mistakes.

Everything about you is perfect in his eyes. He made it special that way.

Accepting yourself is accepting Him. Being envious of others is telling Him that what He created in you wasn’t good enough. We are hurting God’s heart when we don’t love ourselves; the woman He created in His very own image.

Self love is God’s love.

Do not allow this envy to lie to you anymore. Shut your heart and mind off to her tactics. Embrace yourself and the women around you. We are not in competition. There is a work set apart specifically for you. There’s enough recognition to go around. We are all running for His glory not our own. Be secure in the plans He set apart for YOU. He knew only you that could do it and until you finally look inward, that work will stay waiting for you. People are waiting on your calling to be fulfilled.

When I shine, it’s for Him.When you shine, it’s for Him.

It should bring us joy when another sister is shining because it’s not about her, it’s about Him. He deserves more daughters shining for His Glory.

So today, silence envy once and for all. No longer can she separate you from the women God set in your path. These women were placed to water the seeds of your destiny, let them in and kick envy out.

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