Legendary Rootz

Written by Raven Nichole 

Raven Nichole is the owner and founder of Legendary Rootz. The 24-year-old entrepreneur from Phoenix, AZ, who loves to create R&B and gospel music, graduated from Arizona State University. She received her degree in Biochemistry and became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.


Prayer has helped me overcome the many obstacles that arose during my journey. I was raised in a church community and always felt constrained as a child. In college, I chose to step back and take time to build my own relationship with God. When I came back to church, I had a greater spiritual understanding that allowed me to make the journey my own – which then created the breakthrough I needed for my life.

At the beginning of 2019, although the brand was working, I felt the brand was not where I wanted it to be. I started to question if I made a mistake and should change my career path, perhaps go into tech. It wasn’t until one day where I watched a sermon about the time where Jesus was going to be crucified and went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. That moment was significant; I realized if Jesus can go to God and just talk to him, plead to Him – why couldn‘t I? I began praying more, whether I was upset, grateful or needed to just have a conversation with Him. God knew what my vision was and only He could help me.

I always stand by this belief – there is a master plan over my life and everything is all about perspective; obstacles are small but they push me to keep creating. 

In the year of 2014 was the genesis, where I went through with the big chop process. We all know the saying “a woman who cuts her is about to change her life.” And trust me, I was more than ready to become the new version of myself. That transformation birthed Legendary Rootz – a platform that is near and dear to my heart. It all started with two simple mantras; “No You Cannot Touch My Hair” and “I Am Black History”.

Our exposure exploded when a Tumblr page shouted out the brand. People began to see the work we were doing and the heart behind the passion that the brand continues to serve. It was then that the business began to soar. Looking back, I had no solid plans to turn the business into the empire that it is today. I loved creating designs that spoke to me; people could read a shirt I designed and know exactly how I felt.

The platform has grown to what it is today simply because of the support of black women. 

We are what we are because of Black women. Black women who purchase from the brand always tag Legendary Rootz in their photos, they share the brand with everyone they know. They are really the ones who have made us who we are. Their word of mouth has been essential to the growth of Legendary Rootz. I’ve realized people DM’ing posts or sharing products with their friends have evolved the reach Legendary Rootz gives. Their influence and love for the brand have gotten dope Black women like Danie B., Chloe and Halle, Jackie Aina, and Cheyenne from Teen Mom to rock Legendary Rootz.

The evolution of the Legendary Rootz has been incredible.


While in college, I started listening to podcasts and where I discovered Myleik Teele, owner of Curl Box.

As a business owner, her podcast immediately captivated me due to her straightforward honesty and transparency. I used the tools Myleik gave her listeners like the psychology of colors and how potential customers should be able to walk down the street and recognize your brand. Myleik stressed being methodical with your business. With this, I made sure to use my creative skills in my designs and be more structured with my branding, customer service, and the administrative aspects of the brand. I quickly learned how important it was to think a few steps ahead in business and how it gives you more room to move and grow.

This was an important lesson that was attributed to what the brand looks like today, with over 120,000 supporters. 

Being able to provide a great life for myself is wonderful, but the best part is the great impact the brand has on black women.

Knowing that I can make other Black women feel empowered about themselves with the brand I created truly inspires me. With my designs, I want to empower Black women and allow them to one day embody confidence. Being able to reach so many Black women inspires me to keep going.

A few years ago my line sisters and I went to Flagstaff, Arizona where we had the opportunity to speak to a group of young women. A young girl came up to me and told me that she loves Legendary Rootz. She began to say that she purchased some of my items in efforts to help her sister. She was getting bullied and after gifting her some of our items she said her confidence grew. Knowing that my simple thoughts birthed a brand that can make someone feel better about themselves, more confident, more comfortable in their own skin… that is the reward. That is Legendary Rootz.

FOllow Legendary Rootz and Raven Nichole
continue to support black owned businesses and uplift the work of black ENTREPRENEURS 

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