Adane Legacy

Written by Dagem Adane

Dagem Adane is the founder of Adanelegacy. Born in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, his family moved to the America when Dagem was at the age of four. Moving to America brought new opportunities and experiences, for which he is forever grateful. However, growing up as an Afro diaspora brought with it many hardships due to the cultural barriers. The lack of identity, community, and guidance resulted in Dagem struggling in school. He brings up identity or the lack thereof, because a lot of immigrants tend to lose themselves while trying to find it.


The idea behind building Adanelegacy can be traced back to when I was young and would sneak into my father’s room to try on his watch. Of course, it did not fit, but I loved the feeling and confidence it gave me. I think it was more than the watch itself.

The timepiece was a symbol of my father which I cherished.

My father exemplified the sweetest fruits in life. He was the personification of love, empathy, confidence, and resilience. My father had an insatiable curiosity, yet, he was wise enough to know the limits of wit. He was an avid reader, and the Bible was his favorite text. He enjoyed traveling, yet, his favorite place in the world was home with his family. A trailblazer, my father made superman obsolete. He was always first to rise, and then – the first to set.

That being said, I created this brand to honor him by continuing his legacy.

He taught me to be in charge of my life and to make something of myself regardless of the obstacles.

I ran with that and decided to share with the world, that you too are in charge of your life and legacy. Our slogan “Own Your Legacy” embodies the importance of being in charge, being a student  of life, contributing to this world, while doing it with style and grace.

With a promise to legacy and livelihood, Adanelegacy works closely with the non-profit organization, WEL, who’s focused on the growth and development of rural towns.

For every dollar earned, adanelegacy proudly contributes a portion of the proceeds to wel in efforts to build a primary school for young boys and girls of ethiopia.

The mission of Adanelegacy is to build a community that can sustain itself when the sun sets each day. As a legacy grows, each person must be willing and ready to teach others how to fish and how to do it successfully. For me, fashion was the gateway to continuing the legacy of excellence. Adanelegacy was created to help men and women of color exude confidence, resilience, and distinction. With an eye for style and a heart for community, I’ve set out to bring the two together. Adanelegacy is the combination of sophisticated style, deep love for the community, and dedicated service. Your journey is what makes you who you are! The fact that I was able to overcome time after time helps me understand the struggles of our community. I built this brand to represent those who are striving better themselves.

Adanelegacy represents those who:

  • Are learners of life
  • Enjoy exploring the world
  • Contribute and give back to their community
  • Understand the importance of education and higher learning
  • Dress with a mission for success

“own your legacy”

make sure to follow dagem here and head over the make a purchase of your legacy watch with adane legacy.

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