Naome Seifu is a Creative Digital Media Producer with a deep belief that the understanding of one’s identity is what builds a person into who they truly are.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia with her roots in Ethiopia, Naome embraces each season of life in community. In 2019 she launched this community platform that highlights the experiences and challenges of unique individuals – using their stories and lessons in victories and losses to encourage and uplift others. This DMV transplant created this platform with its foundation built on her personal mantra of Living Life and Living Well.

Naome shares experiences of:
Delicious Delights
Spiritual Renewing
Cultural Identity
Black Girl Magic
Wellness & Care

Living Life and Living Well is a platform designed for women of all backgrounds, emphasizing in shining a light on women of color who are a force to be reckoned with, to come together and share their incredible stories. In the midst of their storytelling, women are able to embrace their Eat, Pray, Love journey.

Sisterhood is quintessential to the soul.

Living Life and Living Well  understands cultural awakening is a pivotal part in inner and outer growth. She brings in men and women who have dived into their culture as a part of their identity journey

Living Life and Living Well brings together like-minded women to fellowship through an online platform – growing the understanding of what it means to learn from one’s story and accepting one’s self.

Naome makes an extra effort to build a space where young women can come together to experience and discover their personal journey.

Always remember, the best thing is: